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To know God means to be deeply or intimately acquainted with Him; to be intermingled or intertwined with Him; or more explicitly, to have intercourse with Him. We can only do this when we lose our lower life to gain His higher and only life. To lose our life for Him is to gain His life, and experience real life; to have our lower life is to loose it. Passion to know Him deeply is what is propelling GRA Mission Squad to establish God’s glorious presence called the Church among the unreached tribes of the earth.

Friends, it is not God who does not call, it is man who will not respond. We believe in every generation God has called enough men and women who will press into Him to forcefully know Him, to be deeply acquainted with Him, and to be intermingled with His heart’s desire.

Question: How many people will God love from 2011 to 2150? Answer: Presently, all 6.6 billion of us.
Question: How many people are we commanded to love? Answer: All 6.6 billion of us.

If you agree with this, then we all have an unfinished task of the Lord of the finished works. Presently, there are more that 12,000-ethnolinguistic peoples within the nations of the world. In as many as 3,500 of these groups, less than 50% have heard the gospel of salvation, not to mention the gospel of the kingdom. This means that as of today, more than 820,000,000 people have yet to be reached.

We pray that the Lord will enable you and GRA Mission Squad to catch a forceful vision for these unreached people RIGHT NOW and see them from Jesus’ perspective (love) and only with His eyes of flaming fire (Rev 1: 14) so as to play our part in deeply knowing Him and Him alone!

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For the perfecting of God’s saints and the work of the ministry (service) that brings glory to God, that the body of Christ may be edified.


GRA Mission Squad will zealously pursue the establishment of Christ centered churches in all nations of the world.The covenant of God’s “sure mercies of David” with us, His grace, and zeal with revelation knowledge will cover us as we become the sons of God in whom He is well pleased.

Experiencing Heaven on Earth

For the Lord to use GRA to fulfill this mandate: A life of purity by the Spirit, Word, and The Blood, and effectual, fervent prayer will be our passion.

Our Missionary Advocacy Network was set up to enable God’s people get involved in the lives of specific missionaries serving in the unreached nations or orphans that you want to sponsor their education. The goal is to connect these missionaries and orphans with Christian families in the western world. We encourage you to become an advocate for a missionary and orphans, build a support relationship that is rooted in the love of Christ and a shared desire to win unreached peoples to the Lord.

FAMAN communicates biblical truths concerning apostolic church planting, prophetic insights into the Church’s destiny, proven and unique avenues of evangelistic outreach, models of pastoral feeding and care, and the necessity for teaching within the local church for equipping all the saints for the work of the ministry.
FAMAN is a multifaceted, multiracial and trans-denominational resource center that is in pursuit of God’s predetermined purpose for the Arab, Middle East and Asia world to become part of the Body of Christ by proclaiming Jesus Christ as Lord.
FAMAN “Bridge Builder” program is centered on establishing, equipping and helping mature and vibrant churches among the Muslims of the Arab World, and also the Hindus, Buddhist and Communist people of the Asia nations wherever they are found.Sample Text

There is a generation looking for something real to believe in, and they need someone to help show them the way; Jesus is always the way. GRA Mission Squad guides high school and college-age students in discovering God’s purpose in their lives and helps them strengthen their commitment to Christ. We offer varied and flexible placement opportunities, unique opportunities to experience “real-life” mission work. You will gain invaluable experience under the supervision of seasoned missionaries.

GRA Mission Squad comprises a wide variety of community development personnel and vocationally trained missionaries, including tentmakers. We have come to value the strengths of each calling working together in the unity of Jesus Christ. If you would like to be a part of this growing NEW WINE IN A NEW WINE SKIN FIRE GENERATION for the Lord, sign up now. Let us know how GRA Mission Squad can help fulfill the call the Lord Jesus has placed on your heart for the NATIONS by His Holy Spirit.


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On the other hand, we denounce with righteous indignation and dislike men who are so beguiled and demoralized by the charms of pleasure.